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Freeing the unjustly incarcerated.
Amplifying stolen voices.
Rebuilding lives. 


Welcome to our California-based non-profit post-conviction legal organization!  We fight to free the unjustly incarcerated and provide support to those re-entering after decades behind bars.  We are a team of lawyers, legal fellows, formerly incarcerated people, criminal-legal policy experts, people directly impacted by the system, and volunteers.  Together, we have years of experience in post-conviction investigation, legal research, and litigation.  Join us in our mission to liberate those who deserve a second chance and those unfairly sentenced. 


I was wrongfully convicted when I was a teenager. When Megan started on my case 6 years ago, it was the first time I felt an attorney really believed in me and fought for me. When Megan & Arianna represented me at my evidentiary hearing, it was the first time in 32 years I felt comfortable & confident during my court proceedings. They put me & my family at ease with their preparation & determination to see me to my release. I am so fortunate & grateful to have them in fighting for me. I wouldn't want nor ask for anyone else.


wrongfully convicted in 1991

Parole Hearing Victory

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