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Suzy Mellen

Board Member

Suzy Mellen is a beloved mother of three living in Southern California.  On August 5, 1997 she was convicted for a crime she did not commit, and her wrongful conviction changed her life forever. 


It wasn't until after she was in prison for several years that she understood that she was given a life sentence:  a prison guard told Suzy she would "be going home in a pine box."  During her time in prison, Suzy kept the faith that one day the truth would come to light.  She dedicated her time behind bars involved with the church. As the facilitator, Suzy led her bible studies group to maintain hope and belief. 


Suzy went on to become a recognized within the prison for turning a white pair of tennis shoes into a beacon of hope. Suzy wrote "freedom" on the soles of every pair of shoes she wore in prison, believing she would walk out into freedom.  That day came in 2014, seventeen years after she was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison. 


At the age of 67, Suzy now dedicates her time to the South Bay Calvary church and spending time with her grandchildren. She is also currently working on her book labeled “Freedom Shoes”, coming soon.

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