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Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Media Strategist

Angela is a seasoned content producer with extensive experience in the industry.  She founded Turn On TV, which later became Glistening Productions, and has collaborated with prominent networks such as Netflix, Discovery, and ITV.  Angela is also a passionate advocate for medical cannabis and criminal justice reform.


It was whilst developing a documentary series about a wrongful conviction case that Angela began advocating for criminal justice reform and helping to raise awareness of the shamefully high number of wrongfully convicted people in the US, and campaigning for legislative change.  Angela has played a key role in sparking the legal community's recognition and acceptance of eyewitness identification science that provides evidence of innocence in a myriad of wrongful conviction cases.


She is committed to using her skills to highlight the work of California Innocence Advocates and to giving a voice to those who are suffering and have suffered as a result of injustice and wrongful imprisonment across all forms of media, including documentary series, press articles, podcasts, books, and movies.


Additionally, Angela takes pride in being a devoted mother of two boys, a dog owner, and caring for her leopard gecko named Graham.  Angela and her son are featured in the documentary, Weed The People, produced by Ricki Lake. 

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